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"Soft tattered notes build upon spacious cool chords, into a haunted, transfixing, muted dance"

- Brian Scott, On Sunny Sunae

With a decade of singing under her belt, Sunny Sunae is no stranger to the Portland music scene. As an accomplished vocalist (formally, singer for Carlyle) Sunny sought out opportunities to preform songs that had a special significance to her. It was from this seedling of an idea that After the Rain was born. Her singing, which has been described as haunting, powerful, and ethereal, is complimented by the talented musicians that stand by her side; Galynne Davis, back up vocalist and drummer, Brian Dueltgen, guitarist, and Wes Yurovchak, bass guitar.


"Sunny offers up the vocal clarity of Stevie Nicks or Grace Slick, but with a style all her own, and she is backed by musicians who add depth and range."  - Hog Fathers

"A gorgeous example of what lush harmonies and intrinsic vocals can do."

- The Music Spectator

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