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Brian Dueltgen is a multi-instrumentalist with a long history in performance, composition and arranging, across genres and across the country.


Brian began his musical career as an award-winning band-geek trumpet player in high school, where he developed his chops on everything from Bach to Shostakovich to Ellington to Coltrane. Brian started teaching himself bass and guitar late in high school, eventually earning some extra cash as a multi-instrumental performer and transcriber while attending college in New Orleans.


While kicking off his career as an architect in Portland, Brian started writing and performing originals with alt-funk and pop-rock bands. His flexibility brought him to the world of cover bands, where the material ranged from Hank Williams to Celine Dion to Slayer.


Brian firmly subscribes to Duke Ellington's idea that "there are only two kinds of music - good and bad." Any great song, regardless of genre, is what he always prefers to play.

Galynne was introduced to guitar at age five. At just seven years old, she started playing piano, performing original compositions in church and school, before beginning instruction in clarinet and drums.

In high school, Galynne continued to play guitar for her school band, eventually joining Colville, Washington's Nationally Award winning jazz band. When a position opened up for jazz choir drummer, Galynne became the bands jazz percussionist and soloist. Upon graduating, Galynne followed her love of jazz to Mt. Hood Community College where she studied under vocal arranger, Dave Barduhn. 

It was during her freshman year at MHCC that she saw an ad for a local cover band led by Harry Billings, Hi Fashion. Galynne was hired to perform with Hi-Fashion for 18 months, in which time she was introduced to Sunny Sunae. Galynne and Sunny would later collaborate on the alternative cover band, Carlyle, which became a local favorite in the Portland area. Galynne contributed to the unique sound of Carlyle, through her drumming and powerful back-up vocals. When Carlyle retired, Galynne and Sunny continued to work together in the development of After the Rain, Portland's newest acoustic cover group.



Wes became a member of After the Rain after playing with guitarist Brian Dueltgen in 2015.


Wes lives in Portland, Oregon and works on his business as a freelance musician, videographer, and project manager. He has worked with many great musicians all over the world and recently graduated magna cum laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Originally a drummer, Wes' natural aptitude for music would help facilitate his interest in the bass guitar. After the Rain is his first public appearance as bass guitarist.



Sunny Sunae is a local songstress, who first appeared on the Portland music scene in 2001 through Harry Billing's cover band, Element. Element was a gateway for Sunny's career in music, leading her to perform in various events and musical projects in the Portland area.​


In 2005, Sunny became the vocalist for Carlyle, a lounge-inspired cover band. Carlyle went on to perform at many notable venues and events from Maryhill Winery to Portland's renowned Garlic Festival, three years in a row; they even participated in benefit concerts for Amy and Matt Roloff of TLC's Little People Big World. In addition, Carlyle won an award for best compilation of the year in the PMA's Portland Music Awards. Her voice has been described as ethereal and smooth with a surprising range in style including sultry jazz, indie, contemporary, and rock that ultimately contributed to the bands growing success in the PDX music scene.

In 2013, Sunny left Carlyle in order to form After the Rain, a fresh and inspired new cover group ready to take Portland by storm.

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